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    • Hinda has helped me not only in ACT and SAT math, but also in Calculus AB AP. She pushed me to achieve my goals and without her deadlines and strategies, I probably would have not been accepted into my dream school, Johns Hopkins University. Not only does she give a tutor ambiance, but she also cares for her students, which creates an amazing environment to study in! Her snacks and refreshments creates a better bond. She is truly an angel. I, without a doubt, recommend Hinda as a tutor for your child. She pinpoints your mathematical flaws, and makes sure you don't leave that session without correcting your mistakes-- and a bunch of worksheets as homework. Coming from a girl who has had over 5 different tutors for the ACT and SAT, Hinda has outshined them all! 

               MALEN N. , Senior, 2013          


    • Dear Hinda:
      Thank you so much for tutoring me in math this year. You have helped me a lot in understanding  the new material. With your help I was able to get A’s in every quarter in math. Next year I plan on starting tutoring with you again in Pre- Calculus! Thank you for everything and have a good summer,
      Yours truly,
      Juliet, Jr. 2012


    • Having Hinda as my tutor made me more confident and comfortable with math. Her easy to understand explanations and thorough teaching techniques were tremendous in achieving a 610 in math and a 1810 over all on my first SAT. .
                                                                Juliana Gallo/                               
                                                                College Academy/ Jr. 2011


    • "This experience that I had with Hinda was more than just an experience: it was the start to my journey of college. She didn’t just help me improve my SAT scores from a 1440 to a 1690 but she also opened many doors to me and knowledge about scholarships and many other useful criteria that are necessary for a college education"

     Oriana;   Junior /High School/  June 2010


    "The material I was seeing in school seemed overwhelming and complicated. Hinda was able to break down the material to a more approachable way and in doing so I also learned new advantageous ways of studying and improving my grades. Thanks to Hinda I was able to pass my Mathematics classes, understand the material better, and develop a new foundation of how to succeed in all my other endeavors, even outside the classroom. Hinda Elman is the best help I have ever received.”
                                                                                                                                                          Jennifer;    College Academy BC/ January 2010




    “Hinda  is a tutor of logical methods. By conducting careful analysis on her student's

    academical mastery, she is able to develop in-depth comprehension; resulting in personalized

    plans of study. Personally, I was very fond of her methods. She placed added emphasis on

    organization as well as methodical breakdown. In a very short time period, I reassessed

    existing misconceptions I had picked up throughout the years, replacing them with

    straightforward logical math. I am now more confident with my mathematics. I have acquired

    truly valuable techniques I rarely even thought existed in all of my years of high-school

    and college. However, I must confess there is a bit of a downfall and that is regarding her

    cat! make sure she locks it away prior to beginning class or else you'll get a jumping

    surprise every now and then.”
    Junior /UF
    August 2010